We Are Broward

Community Resources for Immigrant Individuals and Families


We Are Broward This pamphlet includes information about immigrant legal rights and resources.

Be Prepared! A Family Preparedness Plan 

 Immigrant Famly Resources

♦  A Profile of U.S. Children with Unauthorized Immigrant Parents

♦  Building Public Understanding of Comprehensive Immigration Reform


This toolkit is designed to help advocates of comprehensive immigration reform increase public understanding about:

  • why immigration is so important to our nation’s economic and social wellbeing;
  • what’s wrong with our current immigration system and why it needs to be updated;
  • the importance of building a simplified, modernized immigration system, including visa reform and a pathway to citizenship for those already here; and
  • which solutions are appropriately scaled to address the size of the problem. Click HERE 


 ♦ COSA Immigration  Seminar PowerPoint

 ♦ Informed Immigrant FAQ’s 

Please visit our 2-1-1 resources link for more information and Immigration Resources. Click HERE


Dial 2-1-1 or 954-537-0211 24-hours a day to speak to a Helpline Counselor.
Free      24/7     Confidential

  • Marque 2-1-1 o (954) 537-0211

  • Rele 2-1-1 ou (954) 537-0211

  • Disque 2-1-1 ou (954) 537-0211

♦ Immigrant and Refugee Children – A Guide For Educators





























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