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13/02/2014 7:20 pm by Tracy Schuldiner in 2-1-1 Broward

Disasters often strike with little or no warning. In an instant your home and community can be damaged or destroyed and forever changed. These are the times where the whole community comes together to support, recover, rebuild and heal. Engaging the whole community allows everyone to collectively understand and assess the needs of their communities and determine the best ways to organize their resources. Broward County embraces the whole community concept and has fostered innovative coalitions to build community resilience and nurture capacity building. The Broward Recovery Coalition (BRC) is one of those coalitions.

Broward Recovery Coalition


Broward Recovery Coalition (BRC) Mission and Purpose  

Who we are:

The Broward Recovery Coalition (BRC) is a coalition of humanitarian organizations, governmental agencies, faith based organizations or businesses with disaster capabilities or resources that have a commitment to respond to a community disaster when joint effort is necessary and outside effort is warranted.

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Our Mission:

To achieve efficient, effective community recovery by coordinating collaboration among its members in order to address the unmet needs of the community in the aftermath of a local disaster in Broward County.

 Rationale for Broward Recovery Coalition

After Wilma, the concept of a Long Term Recovery Coalition was put for so that a community would have the framework set up in advance to deal with Community rebuilding after a major event. This was to include planning; zoning for new infrastructure and roads, redefining permitting procedures, short and long term post disaster housing, major hospital and community medical care issues, volunteer and donation management as well as unforeseen human needs in the community.

Since then, Broward County government has developed a Long Term Strategic Framework and other governmental entities that addressed or is the process of addressing all these issues except for the last two. Unmet human needs and volunteer and donation management. Both of these are intimately intertwined as they involve NGO, Faith based, and community and business organizations to come together and supply the volunteers, donations both physical and financial, to alleviate the unmet human needs that the event caused.

This effectively means that the original mission of the LTRC no longer fully exists.

In recent years, a gap was observed in smaller, non-declared events that highlighted the same two issues. Unmet human services issues and how to align volunteers and donations from the community to help those that were not adequately served by existing “non-disaster human services”.

So it appears that the remaining mission of the original LTRC and the newly uncovered gap in services that are both not covered by Broward County government are the same and both should be addressed by the Coalition we are discussing, the Broward Recovery Coalition.

In a smaller event, unmet human needs and volunteer and donation management.

In a large event, monitor the event from beginning to end and after all is said and done; help with unmet human needs and volunteer and donation management.

In practical terms, this coalition should have members of every organization that has a willingness to help Broward County residents after a disaster. Every organization would decide what and how much of whatever resource they have they would like to make available. The Coalition would be able to put these into categories and have one point of contact for each grouping.  This could be food, temporary shelter, clothing, spiritual support, etc. The leadership team would then verify the actual need with data from official sources and a Case Management subcommittee would match the type of need with the appropriate grouping. The POC of that group would then put the word out to everyone in their group of the needs that exist. Every member organization can then decide how much help they want or are able to provide. The coordination of these resources is the primary goal of the BRC and only by having an effective coordination among all these disparate entities, can duplication of effort and efficient service delivery to the whole community be achieved.

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