Children’s Services

After School/Out of School:

Parents at times need help locating after school and out of school programs for their children. This would include summer camps, after school and social recreation programs. 2-1-1 provides families access to all these services, which are often critical to the family’s success. For example, a single mother working late in the afternoon might need help with after school or working parents that need assistance during the summer, so, their children have productive days.


Summer Feeding:

Family budgets are pretty tight these days. Luckily, there are resources available to help families make ends meet in these tough times. 211 Broward provides families with information about resources that can help stretch their budget for food, utilities, rent and other family essentials. During the summer months, 2-1-1 provides referrals to the Summer Break Program. The Summer Food Service Program is a federal nutrition program that local non-profits and schools use to make sure kids in their communities don’t go hungry during the summer.

What is Help Me Grow?:

Help Me Grow is a system that connects at-risk children with the services they need.
Children at risk for developmental and behavioral problems are too often eluding early detection. Experts agree: Early detection and connection to services lead to the best outcomes for children with developmental or behavioral challenges.However, families, child health care, early care and education, and human service providers often have difficulty recognizing early signs of developmental or behavioral concerns. Even when needs are identified, finding programs designed to address those needs can be confusing and time-consuming.
Help Me Grow (HMG) is a simple solution that builds on existing resources HMG is an efficient and effective system – with a proven track record – that assists states in identifying at-risk children, then helps families find community-based programs and services.HMG does not provide direct services. Rather, it is a system for improving access to existing resources and services for children through age eight. For more information, click here 

HMG Information for Caregivers 
HMG Information for Healthcare Physician and Providers 


If you need more information or to find resources, dial 2-1-1 or browse the
Community Resource Database.


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