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Welcome to the new 2-1-1 Broward Community Pulse Report Portal. The link below will take you to a third party site that will offer a wide range of report options covering Call data (date, time, volume, demographics such as age group, language spoken, city and ZIP, and calls for specialized service areas such as Special Needs, Children’s Substance Abuse and Children’s Mental Health); Problems & Needs data (type of needs presented, major need categories such as Basic Needs, unmet needs, volume for all needs or just a specific need); Referrals data (referrals given by 2-1-1 by agency and/or service; and Resource data (lists of provider resources by city or zip or specific service category).

Resource data may also be reported by going to and selecting a keyword. Resources are listed with complete details on services provided, eligibility, application (intake procedure), fees (if any) and area(s) served. The lists that are generated can be printed. The print option is located on the lower left hand side of the page.

Below, you will find PDF downloads to aid you in creating your reports. These include a complete list of keywords used by 2-1-1 to classify services; a complete list of major need categories and the code for each; a complete list of specific needs and their codes (you will need the numeric code to be able to report Major Needs. For specific needs, you will be able to enter either the code or the need label); and a help document entitled, “Things To Know about Reporting from the 2-1-1 Report Portal”. It is strongly recommended that you download and read the Things To Know document BEFORE trying to run any reports. It will answer most, if not all, of the questions you might have about the look of the data and the results of your report(s).

Keyword List


Major Need Categories


Specific Need Categories


Things To Know – FAQ’s


2-1-1 Broward Community Pulse Report Portal
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