Featured Member: Michael Elberg

11/05/2012 8:31 pm by kbarran in Past Featured Members

The Man in the Arena

Michael Elberg

Fox Sports Florida

This month’s featured Club 2-1-1 Member, Michael Elberg, shows us that hard work, tenacity, and a desire to do the right thing can get you far in life. (more...)

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Featured Member

11/05/2012 7:12 pm by kbarran in Past Featured Members

Harlan Singer’s past and present come together in one dynamic person

Harlan M. Singer
Special Care Planner

FORT LAUDERDALE - The decades between the Vietnam war and today’s ongoing combat in Iraq make it easy to forget an earlier generation who fought for the same freedoms from tyranny for the South Vietnamese people in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. (more...)

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Featured Member: Jeff Marbach

11/05/2012 6:56 pm by kbarran in Past Featured Members

Jeff Marbach lives and leads by example

Jeff Marbach
Payday Payroll Services
Florida Regional Manager
  FORT LAUDERDALE - Jeff Marbach is a family guy. From his days coaching his son’s little league baseball team to working alongside his daughter managing the successful Payday Payroll Florida office, Marbach’s goal is to spend as much time with his family as possible. (more...)

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Featured Member: Randall Vitale

It’s a Small World After All

Randall Vitale
Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust
  FORT LAUDERDALE - Randall Vitale’s altruism and love of travel give him a unique perspective on business. (more...)

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Featured Member: Andrew Cagnetta

11/05/2012 2:59 pm by editor211 in Past Featured Members

What do business, music and pasta have in common? Club 211 member Andy Cagnetta can tell you.

Andrew Cagnetta
CEO, Transworld Business Advisors

FORT LAUDERDALE - Andrew Cagnetta, the seemingly stereotypical and dapper CEO of Transworld Business Advisors, has a secret – he’s a heavy metal music enthusiast and plays a mean Judas Priest. He even did a stint marketing Kramer guitars.


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