Benefits of 2-1-1

Benefits of 2-1-1


Benefits of 2-1-1 for Residents:

Ø Provides an easy to remember three digit number

Ø Links new residents to the community and helps them access services

Ø Prevents the loss of life through suicide/homicide or abuse

Ø Helps keep families intact

Ø Contributes to the overall well-being of caller and their families

Ø Eliminates confusion and frustration about where to go for help

Ø improves access to health and human services

Ø Provides information about emergency shelters and evacuation during storms/disasters


Benefits of 2-1-1 for Businesses:

Ø reduced time spent by employees on researching resources for themselves or their families during work hours, thereby improving productivity

Ø provides managers and human resource professionals with a toll to help employeesexperiencing personal issues

Ø provides 2-1-1 as a central resource to assist employees with issues such as child andelderly care assistance, resulting in a decrease in absenteeism

Ø the ability to offer employees being laid off a source of local support andinformation

Ø provides a major resource in support of Employee Assistance Programs

Ø information, support and resources before and after a disaster

Ø online marketing/advertising opportunities (over 150,000 annual web hits)


Benefits of 2-1-1 for Municipalities:

Ø 24-hour access to help for city residents

Ø helps minimize the effects of homelessness and crime on your neighborhoods

Ø improves community planning – call statistics, unmet needs, gaps in services

Ø helps to reduce expensive non-emergency calls to 911

Ø provides assistance and information to residents before and after disasters

Ø provides information about municipal services

Ø improves productivity and reduces absenteeism among city employees

Ø provides relief on city employees who accept calls from residents in need


Benefits of 2-1-1 for Non-Profits:

Ø avoids inappropriate calls to agencies that use staff time

Ø provides information and referrals that help them help their clients

Ø provides emotional support and counseling when non-profits are closed

Ø provides an easy to remember number to teach clients to call when faced with issues

Ø maintains a community calendar of all events and professional trainings

Ø disseminates information/messages to over 660 non-profit agencies

Ø provide training for staff who answer phones

Ø provides need and referral data specific to agency or service area

Ø collects feedback/data from agencies reflecting community needs and shares with funders

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