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DEADLINE: November 21, 2016
NEW! Organizations may submit in more than one category!

Attendance to the invite-only VIP Announcement Party
Nominees not chosen as a finalist have a chance to win the Publix Community Choice Award (community voting process)

Receive recognition from the community
Discounted non-profit ticket rates for the Awards Ceremony & Luncheon

On Friday, February 24th, 2017, Broward County non-profit organizations will be recognized by the community they serve for their tireless efforts and impact. At the 7th Annual Community Care Plan Non-Profit Awards Presented by Signature Grand and Hosted by 2-1-1- Broward, the efforts of Broward County non-profits and the accomplishments of non-profit leaders will be collectively recognized at the Awards ceremony and luncheon.

2-1-1 Broward is now accepting nominations for outstanding individual and organizational efforts in nine categories: Arts, Board Leader, Collaboration, Collective Impact for Youth, Innovation, Non-Profit Leader, Organization of the Year, and Rising Star. All 501(c)(3) organizations are encouraged to submit an application.

NEW! Organizations may submit in more than one category. Please note that an organization can only be named as a finalist in one category based on the highest score. Up to three finalists will be selected in each category by a panel of impartial judges. Finalists will be revealed at the VIP Announcement Party in January 2017. Winners of the awards will be revealed at the Awards ceremony and luncheon. Winning individuals/organizations will receive a $1,000 grant to their organization. Up to two finalists per category will each receive a $500 grant to their organization. Finalists will receive publicity and awareness for the mission of their organization through event press, media materials, newsletters and social media coverage. Qualified applicants not named as finalists will be entered for a chance to receive the Publix Community Choice Award. The community will select the winner of the Publix Community Choice Award by voting online for their favorite organization. (Please note that grants awarded for the collaboration category will be divided equally among the collaborating organizations by the submitting agency.)

2-1-1 is the first call for help for Broward County residents and the gateway to health and human services in our community. Last year, 2-1-1 Broward managed nearly 177,000 calls and offer Broward County callers with over 4,000 different programs that were available to help them. Please be sure YOUR non-profit is registered with 2-1-1 Broward. To do so, email


Please select the appropriate category and complete the nomination information for that category. Please answer the questions fully but succinctly. Most importantly, convey your passion as you explain why your nominee is so deserving of this honor.

Outstanding Non-Profit Leader of the Year

The recipient of this award is in a staff leadership position (President, CEO, Executive Director) with his or her current organization and has a proven track record of accomplishment. The recipient:

  • Models effective leadership
  • Furthers the organization’s mission and impact
  • Stands out as one of our community’s great non-profit leaders

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Non-Profit Organization of the Year – Innovation

This award is intended to honor true innovation in the work of a nonprofit. It recognizes a creative and non-traditional approach to solving a need or issue identified by the organization. The nominee:

  • Applied an innovative solution
  • Implemented a solution that had a significant impact on the organization, the people served by the organization, or the community at large.

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Non-Profit Organization of the Year – Rising Star

A “Rising Star” organization is young, and it may be small, but their impact is huge. The organization has been in existence for less than 10 years. The nominee:

  • Has a clearly defined mission and future vision
  • Has effective leaders who work in partnership to overcome challenges
  • Is recognized and respected for impacting the lives of those it serves
  • Is well positioned for lasting community impact

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Outstanding Non-Profit Organization of the Year

This award honors an organization that achieves stellar results and serves as a model for excellence in the non-profit sector. The nominee will demonstrate:

  • Exceptional overall impact on the community and the lives of those it serves
  • Creativity and innovation in its programming, strategy, or management practices
  • Success in obtaining the resources needed to further its mission

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Lifetime Achievement Award

This award will honor an individual who has made exceptional contributions of at least 20 years to the non-profit sector. Recipient will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • How the individual’s leadership has impacted an issue or cause in the community or furthered the work of their organization(s)
  • The impact of the individual’s dedication on those they serve
  • A reputation for professionalism and integrity in the community

Outstanding Non-Profit Board Leader of the Year

The recipient of this award is a volunteer board member who has enhanced the mission and visibility of the agency they currently serve. The recipient:

  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to the mission and vision of the organization
  • Models effective Board and community leadership
  • Engages self and others in obtaining funds/resources for the organization
  • Receives no compensation from the organization

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Non-Profit Organization of the Year – Collaboration

This award recognizes collaboration as one of the most important ways to achieve lasting and positive change in our community. This award celebrates two or more organizations that have demonstrated the true spirit of collaboration by partnering to address an important issue or concern. Nominees will have:

  • Designed and implemented an effective collaborative strategy
  • Demonstrated the ability to come together to create and implement solutions
  • Achieved significant, positive impact as a result of the collaboration

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Non-Profit Organization of the Year – Arts

This award celebrates an Arts organization that has significantly contributed to the health and vibrancy of the larger community through arts programming. Because of this organization, the opportunity to experience the arts is available and encouraged among all sectors of the community. Nominees will demonstrate:

  • Enhanced awareness of and support for the arts
  • Arts programming which includes underserved populations
  • A positive impact on the arts in Broward County

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Children’s Services Council Collective Impact for Youth Award

This award honors an organization or individual who has worked in partnership with one or more Broward County based agencies to advance the safety, stability, and well-being of children/youth. The nominee will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • The partners collectively implemented a successful solution to an issue, challenge or concern related to children or youth.
  • Children, youth and/or their families were significantly and positively impacted because of the efforts of the partnership.
  • The positive outcomes of the partnership can be measured.

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