The Agency

Residents in search of critical social services such as emergency financial assistance, food, shelter, housing, child care, job training placement, relief from abuse, depression, summer/after school programs, healthcare or mental support often do not know where to begin. Many are confronted with a confusing array of organizations through which they must search for what they need. Looking for help means locating dozens of phone numbers and/or web sites (for those who have access), and then searching through a maze of agencies and services to make the right connection.


Established as a 501(c)(3) in 1995, 2-1-1 Broward is the only 24/7 comprehensive agency in the county that provides individuals and families with all of the critical connections to health and human service agencies and programs they need in just one call. Everyday, trained and degreed 2-1-1 counselors assist hundreds of individuals by providing support, information and referrals that will help them to access theright services. As a community-wide point of entry 2-1-1 is accessible and culturally appropriate. The general helpline is available 24/7, and hours of service for the specialty lines are convenient for all families. Services and materials are accessible to those with disabilities. In addition, services are delivered in the language most comfortable to the caller. For languages not spoken on site, 2-1-1 staff uses Language Line, an interpreter service.


Over the past six years, 2-1-1 Broward’s call volume has averaged 116,000 incoming calls a year, with almost 50 percent for basic needs services including food, shelter and rent/utility/public assistance. More calls than ever now come from individuals who have never used 2-1-1 or who have never needed to access services.


2-1-1 Broward holds the exclusive license to operate in Broward using the three-digit FCC designated dialing number.


2-1-1 Broward has adopted six pillars of excellence as the foundation for its vision and commitment to providing greater access to community services that can change the lives of those that need help.



Pillars of Excellence


We will show compassion, empathy and respect to every caller. We will provide crisis intervention and serve as a gateway to connect all members of our community with health and human service programs appropriate to their needs. We will maintain and disseminate comprehensive and accurate information to best meet the needs of individuals and our community.


We will develop and support a culturally diverse, competent, motivated and productive team guided by clearly stated organizational goals and performance expectations. We will offer employees competitive compensation and opportunities for self development, personal challenge and job satisfaction. We will offer meaningful opportunities for volunteer and Board involvement.


We will meet the highest standards for excellence in performance and accountability. We will provide service of unparalleled quality in accordance with the expectations of callers, funders, and other stakeholders and will meet rigorous industry standards for information and referral services.


We will practice budgetary control and operational efficiency, satisfy all accounting and contractual requirements, and exercise responsible financial stewardship and reporting in order to gain the confidence and increased investment of the community.


We will seek opportunities to enhance or expand services consistent with our mission and the needs of our community. Through marketing, development and other outreach activities, we will create greater awareness of the value of 2-1-1 and increase the use of 2-1-1 services in Broward County.


We will have a presence and positive impact on the community by partnering with non-profit, public and private organizations and by actively participating in coalitions and planning groups. We will serve as a repository and provider of information and assist the community inresponding to immediate, long-term, emerging, and changing needs.


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